About Our Company:

Infinity Infotech LTD. is a IT company who provides 360 degree software and IT solutions. 

Our motto ‘Turning ideas into reality’

Our company was established in October 2019 and it’s been a remarkable journey till now. 

Now we are a team of 20 incredible team members in 2022.

Our extensive experience in IT Strategic Consulting & research and development, Service Design, Software Development, Outsourcing, and Managed IT Services allows us to handle projects from initial concept through implementation and beyond. 

Our Mission is to be one of the most capable IT companies in the world with new and different IT solutions to help people and companies reach their goal.

Our vision is to always invest in new technology and reach every organization locally and globally to develop their business. We want to always provide user-friendly and easy solutions to difficult issues to make life easier for people.

Leaders of Infinity Infotech:

  • Md Sirajul Amin

CEO Founder

  • Arch Sharmin Afroz Shumi


  • Mohammad Shajjad Hossain

Director Operation

  • Md. Mamun Ahmed 

Additional Deputy Director

Our Services:

  • Application Design and Development 
  • Custom Software Development 
  • Database Design and Development 
  • Database Administration 
  • Enterprise Systems 
  • System & Server Administrations 
  • Project Management 
  • System and Data Security 
  • Requirement Analysis & Design 
  • Business Processes 
  • Technical and Product Support
  • Training
  • Cybersecurity Consultation 

Our Expertise: 

Our team specializes on the following technologies:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • Angular
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • My SQL
  • MongoDB
  • SQL Server

Our Products:

  • eCommerce Platform/Online Grocery shop: 

Do you intend to make an online store a key element of your business? 

A proven way of creating a prosperous and competing online business is to choose a proper online store software solution enabling to design and operate an ecommerce website with the least efforts involved.Going online enables you to attain new markets and millions of potential clients. Do you plan to launch a business website where you can provide products and services to a broad international audience? Take some time to research and learn about the prime advantages of an online presence to create a top-notch quality online project.

To tell the truth, if you are keen to succeed with your online business, you require more than just a great website. To sell products and services on the Internet, it’s essential to add online store software or ecommerce functionality to your project. Find an agency that is ready to offer you our affordable, yet feature-rich online store created to help you develop a thriving online presence with the least efforts and initial investments.Creating an online store software for selling products and services online is a popular way of beginning a fruitful business venture. Low initial investments, passage to international markets, and a broader client base along with other undeniable advantages attract people online.

  • Industrial ERP (Supply Chain Management System): 

iTech SCM is a supply chain management software that provides you with advanced analytics and optimized planning to enable you to gain a competitive advantage. It presents a digital supply chain that leverages smart and intelligent solutions to help you to proactively respond to what’s happening in the market.It also provides you with collaborative scenario analytics and advanced analytics to help you to solve the toughest retail and supply chain planning challenges. The key features provided by iTech SCM include optimization of demand and inventory, integrates business planning, supply optimization, management of master data, optimization of the retail, and transportation management

Our Products:

  • Academia Solutions – School, College, University, and Coaching Center Management Complete Solutions: 

Academia ERP system is a cloud based online academia management solutions specifically designed to streamline the paperless administration of educational institutions in a productive, systematic and organized manner. It helps streamline the varied functions that a Institute has to perform on a day to day basis.

It eliminates manual processes and saves significant staff time by enabling prospective students to apply online through a self-service portal. ERP systems integrate all data and processes of an organization into a unified system.

The system provides detailed information about the student, staff, attendance, fees, library, admissions, results, staff evaluation, recruitment, salary, calendar, budget preparation and flexible programs. It also helps to create, manage and fully utilize information resources as a strategic imperative in order to bring students, staff and parents, educational administration and management together using standard software interfaces.

  • Manpower Recruitment Management Software: 

Recruitment Software is a software that is mainly needed for any company who are into recruitment business. Such companies include employee recruitment, company recruit. It can also be used by the human resource department of any company who recruits employees and can also assign them with tasks. 

Our Products:

  • Accounts Management Software:

Accounting software is software that does various accounting and bookkeeping tasks. It stores a business’s financial data, and is often used to perform business transactions. Most modern accounting software is always connected to the internet. This means you can connect from any internet-capable device, like your laptop or smartphone. This online space where you can access your data is called the cloud. Online accounting software automatically receives and updates because it’s always connected to the internet.

Different kinds of accounting software do different things. Most of them automatically enter, store and analyze data for you. This is especially useful for saving time on tasks like bank reconciliation. Accounting software also offers useful tools like invoicing, bill payment, payroll, and financial reporting.

  • Human Resource Management System and Payroll: 

HRMS and payroll is used for hiring, training, managing, evaluating and maintaining information of all employees (Human Resource) in an organization. With the increase in Business complexity and competition, employee management has become increasingly more complicated and difficult. Employees expect more from their companies and companies expect more from employees. To achieve the maximum in each case, a proper system is required to manage employee expectations as well as their output.

Management of employees requires timely payroll management, succession planning, recruitment of the right candidates, and management of employees’ everyday needs like Leave approval, Expense Claims management, and Payslip management. To enable a company to get the maximum out of its employees, it needs to review their performance, their attendance, and their career progression.

An HRMS Software should ideally provide all these functions to an organization. Payroll Management is handled using the Payroll Module. Hiring is managed through the Recruitment Module. Performance evaluation is managed through the Performance Appraisal Module.

Our Products:

  • Delivery Management System :

We have created a delivery management system named ‘I-Express’ which is a delivery platform designed to deliver parcels from merchant to customer in a very fast and easy process. I-Express delivers parcels all around the country with an easy payment system. We also do express deliveries for premium service. I-Express also provides the whole logistic support for a merchant including packaging, tagging and delivering. 

  • POS:

A Point of Sale (POS) is technically a system in a retail store from which you conduct the sale of physical goods. In a store, a POS is where the checkout happens, orders are processed and bills are paid. 

The POS software that runs on the POS System is what is usually referred to as the POS Software. Much like your laptops that run on Windows or Mac, or your phones that run on Android or iOS, a POS software serves as the terminal’s operating system. In the POS software interface, you can input data about the products that you will sell, tally order costs and transact financially. The POS software helps you to process orders in a retail store with the help of available hardware. Many large retailers use POS software that has been custom-built for their specific needs. As you can imagine, POS software solutions are as diverse as the needs of the retail industry. Even hotels use a variant of a basic POS software algorithm to accept bookings, allot rooms and bill their guests.

Our Products:

  • Face Recognition Access Control System:

We named our product ‘I-Biofin’. Our product includes features like, Face Recognition, RFID Card, Finger Print, NFC, Cell Phone Connectivity, Hand Palm Recognition, Pin Code, Voice Recognition. This is a hassle free attendance and tracking system for employees, students, garments workers etc. We can customize the system according to company needs that depend on company size.

The system is tested under various conditions like illumination, head movements, the variation of distance between the person and cameras. After vigorous testing overall complexity and accuracy are calculated. The Proposed system proved to be an efficient and robust device for taking attendance in a classroom, office without any time consumption and manual work. The system developed is cost-efficient and needs less installation.

  • Tailor Management System:

Tailor management system is a software where tailoring organizations can easily maintain their inventory list, customer list, order list according to date and delivery time, and payment management. Also this software can determine the cost of tailoring a particular cloth and also can generate customer end receipts. This software can also determine the profit and loss accounts of the organization.  

Our Clients:

  • Unimust International LTD
  • Infinity Marketing LTD
  • Classic Curves
  • Media Byte
  • DigiDesk
  • Wellness
  • Maslow

Message from CEO:

Infinity Infotech Ltd. has a very clear objective and that is to make the life of people around the globe easier with the help of technology and new and unique ways to solve a problem. 

We believe that anything is possible if we want and with the help of technology our team can really turn dreams into reality. We always invest in new technology to remain updated with the world and to provide our customers with quality service.

Thank you.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

  • Albert Einstein 

Connect with Infinity Infotech ltd:

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Phone: +8801778413540, +880 1716-342384

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